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A big wedding….and a fun day at an amusement park
October 6, 2008

The three of us are back in the US, doing well and had a terrific time in India. Evangeline’s (rebekah’s sister) wedding was very big and beautiful. Over a thousand people came to the wedding in Chennai. Apart from that, almost 800 people attended their reception in Ebenezer’s (Evangeline’s husband) home town (almost a 9 hour train ride from Chennai). The newly married couple will soon leave for Yorkshire, England.
Couple of days after the wedding, we had a blessed opportunity to take 55 girls from an orphanage near Chennai, along with their supervisors to have a fun day at the amusement park. The girls enjoyed the whole day with many rides and spent time in the swimming pool. We had lunch together with them, which they really enjoyed. Rebekah has known some of these girls for the past 10 years. It’s been good to visit them every time we go to India. They absolutely love Jonah and they try to communicate with him in English and Tamil.

We are glad to be back to MN…just enjoying the very few last days of warm weather, looking forward to the first day of snow.

R & R
September 9, 2008

It has been good to come home and spend time with my only sister before she gets married in two weeks. We have been having some good times with laughter and fun. Jonah is up all night, seriously ALL NIGHT (the time difference), so my sister is the one who is awake with him the whole night and plays with him and I hear them giggling and watching cartoons like 3 in the morning. Oh well, hopefully he will adjust well in a few days.

There isn’t much space at our home for Jonah to run around, but, he did have fun chasing the bunny that lives in our terrace. He enjoyed very much watching the love birds and chasing the bunny and finally got a hold of it (not on his own though), like three of us helped him catch the bunny. The first thing he did to the bunny was tickle its belly.

I love being pampered. There is no place like home…in the sense that a place where I lived for 24 years before I came to Bethany. The same house for that long. Anyways, we just wanted to pen a few lines just to let you know how we are doing. I have uploaded a few pictures of Jonah taken in the past few days. Here is the link…


A peaceful journey
August 28, 2008

My grandmother (gama, as I call her), passed away on August 28, 2008. My younger sister, who is soon to get married called me from India and said that our gama had a peaceful death. She said that she was smiling when she died. I am sad and I will miss her because she was a great influence in my life. Yet, I am happy that she is happy in a better place. I am trying to upload a picture of her but I haven’t figured it out yet, and will try to do it as soon as I can.

My grandmother
August 27, 2008

A woman I look up to. She is a tiny little woman with a huge heart. My dad’s mother is 89 and I just learned this morning that she has been struggling to breathe because of various health complications. The last time, I saw her was in March 2008. She loves Micah very much and has been blessed to see her first great grandchild, Jonah.

My grandmother’s name is Ruth Margaret and it sounds very English and Biblical to me for someone who was born almost 90 years ago in India with not so much Christian influence around them. It happens that her father, worked for the British people since British ruled in India for almost 200 years (atleast something like that, I don’t pay attention in School History class). As a young girl, she once showed me a post card that her father wrote her while he was living in Sri Lanka. With what I understand, he not only loved his daughter but had so much respect for her. My grandmother was well educated and worked as a Registered Nurse in a Missions Hospital built by Europeans.

As far as I can remember, she has been deaf and couldn’t hear in her early 40s. She was smart to read our lips and understand and would relate perfectly well to our conversation. She has such deep love for the Lord and it was evident. A quiet and humble lady who has endured through many hardships in life, by raising three children by herself after she became a widow while was 38.

I am honored to be her granddaughter and have been blessed by her for investing so much into my life. I love her so much and I just know that should the Lord call her home even today, I can visualize her big smile and the way she would gently place her hands on her cheeks when she sees Jesus as she enters into Glory.

Jonah and I will be in India in 8 days and I am not confident that she will be able to prolong and fight for her life that long. I just have peace in my heart although I may or may not see her again on earth, there is hope and assurance that she will be in a better place and she can finally hear after many decades.

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